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Shadow Bonny is Springtrap: Shadow Bonny was a foreshadowing of Springtrap, who looks like Bonny but has straight teeth. Why he would appear in the second game though makes no sense, as he isn't dead yet, since he is neither in the old resturaunt location (FNAF 1) and it's not abbandoned, as shown in FNAF 3's end of night minigames.

Golden Freddy is a Spring Animatronic: In Golden Freddy's minigame, he is shown being on stage with what looks like a whole and instact Spring Bonny. As the phone guy mentioned that there were two special suits, it's safe to assume that GF might be that second suit. Both are shown on stage and have similar characteristics. This might also explain why GF usually appears slumped on the ground. If his endoskellington is different from the other animatronics, it's possible that his spring skelliton was left in costume mode, which would be why it can't stand up like the others can. I would guess that in that mode, it relies on someone being inside to maintain it's upright position.

Spring Bonny was the costume used to lure the children.: In FNAF2, the phone guy merely mentions that one of the suits was used. A "yellow one". At the time, we only knew of Golden Freddy and Chickas. As Golden Freddy is slumped and LOOKS like an empty costume, we can guess that it was him. But what if it wasn't? In FNAF 3, you listen to one of the Phone guy's recorded teaching tapes, which mentions that the Spring Bonny costume animatronic had been moved from it's original location and that the safe room would be sealed up. Since the safe room has no camera's, it's not hard to guess that the killer (PurpleMan) wore the Spring Bonny suit and lured the kids back there and killed them. It makes sense, as if there was anywhere else, they would have known about it. However, there is a MAJOR hole in this theory that ties into another one. The events in FNAF 2 make it seem that the five murdered children were killed at the second location, not the first, where FNAF 1 and the FNAF 3 night's end mini games take place. As the safe room is first location, it doesn't make sense why the killings seem to take place at the second location..... Unless.... There were more then 6th deaths?

The Purple Man is a serial killer: To put it simply, this theory ties into the one above a little bit. What if there were more then 6 kids killed, but not all of them haunt the location? Marionette is haunted by the Crying Child, as he is the first to die in front of what seems to be, not Freddy's pizzaria, but Freddy's Family Diner. The second location would be what I like to call Old Freddies location, where the first game and the events in the newspaper clippings take place. Though it's not clearly stated as to what happened, the Phone Guy mentions that the old location was shut down. It didn't go bankrupt or anything like that, but was actually shutdown, indicating either a very poor health code, or something bad had happened there. As the owners got rid of it and are being hard to get a hold of, I'd like to think that the latter happened, as they seemed desperate to get rid of the place. In the events of FNAF2, we find out that five kids have gone missing, but not directly, as we are told that there are "rumors", a yellow suit is missing, and that there is an investigation going on. During FNAF 1, there doesn't seem to be anything shady going on, but then again, we're not counting what's going on during the night.  Then between FNAF 1 and FNAF 3's events, the purple man is compelled to come back and destroy the animatronics, though it's never stated why. It's possible there are even more deaths, but that he may have better hidden them this time.
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